Naomi Richards

Glass is my inspiration and my therapy. When I work with glass it reminds me of how delicate and fragile the world around us is. In its sheet form the glass is awkward and sharp yet with gentle manipulation it can be encouraged to take on a form of beauty. This to me, reminds me of the lives we lead and the effects our actions can have on the wider community, environment and the world.

I begin a piece by first clearing space in my little glassroom. This, most of the time is the room I use in my house but it can also be that clear moment of inspiration I get when going about my daily activities.

My inspiration comes from the natural world around me, existing works of art and also my mood. Art is very personal and I find I have to be feeling at one with my work in order to achieve anything. I know a piece is done when I have a sense of achievement, when I have a sneaky peak in my kiln as it cools down and I get a feeling of sheer excitement.

I love using just plain float (window) glass, the light can bounce off it in a way that no amount of colour can replicate. Having said that, I do appreciate the need for colour in an appropriate way. Much of my work involves layering glass and using free fall draping methods. This again represents the patterns within the natural world but also symbolises the many layers and unplanned changes we experience in life.

When people see my work, particularly my exhibition pieces, I hope them to feel a connection with the piece. Whilst I have my own unique interpretation of my art I strive to allow the viewer of my work to experience their own.

I hope you enjoy what you see and feel free to get in touch with comments or suggestions.

1 thought on “About

  1. Hi Naomi, I’m so impressed with your ‘littleglassroom’ and your work. I’m proud of you for pursuing something that you feel strongly for and creating something beautiful for the World… for giving the World another perspective. I wish you all the very best for the future and hope that your artistic career develops and grows to fulfil you in ways that you may not have even considered yet. Love Yogi x

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